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Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" VideoBeyonce has teased us with at least 3 trailers for her new video “Run The World (Girls),” but it looks like the wait is over. Pittsburgh radio station 96.1 Kiss revealed the video’s premiere date via Twitter.

The tweet read: “Confirmation: Beyonce’s video “Run The World” premieres Wednesday on American Idol” The station sourced her record label.

However, it seems VEVO, the site that was originally supposed to debut the video, hasn’t received the same news.

When a fan asked VEVO on Twitter: “is there [an] update about when Ms beyonce Knowles will release her new video run the world (girls)?,” VEVO replied “Not that we’ve heard.”

(Last week, VEVO said the video would air on Friday the 13th, but then retracted the statement with: “OK, bad news: ‘Run The World (Girls)’ won’t be out on Friday like we thought. No new date yet. Beyonce is perfecting it”.)

So confusing. Let’s just hope the May 18 date is final!

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