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beyonce 4 albumWhile it was reported that music execs weren’t pleased with Beyonce’s album “4,” she overwhelmed them with 72 tracks to choose from for the album.

“When label staff leave Beyonce to get on with things, they tend not to interfere when she’s making an album.[…] But they weren’t prepared for the sheer volume of material she presented to them. She’s clearly been very productive. Now they have the hard job of going through all the music and deciding what will make (the album).”

Last week Bey previewed some of the tracks for fans and bloggers, was in attendance and says:

They say we are the first to watch the “Run The World (Girls)” video. (Her fans start to get excited) Video starts. Beyonce walks on, she’s on a car dancing about. There is a Lion that walks up to her and she pets it. The dancing in the video is dope, she is going in. She moves her shoulders to the beat in a feather bolero. Beyonce sticks up her middle finger in the video but it’s blurred out. Actor Collins Pennie is co-starring in the video. Beyonce holding two hyenas on leashes. She is kicking up dirt and dancing with her army of girls. Beyonce does some type of aerobatic move in the dirt; rolling around real expressively. Overall, the video was hot and adds to the song.