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fabolous at a is reporting that rapper Fabolous tried to skip out on paying his restaurant bill by passing it off to the group behind him!

“Last night after work my boss decided to take a large group of us (about 20) over to the rooftop of The Hotel Gansevoort in NYC. So Fabolous is sitting about three feet behind us and he has about four people with him. So we’re enjoying ourselves, ordering shots, cocktails and food. So one of my coworkers and security for the lounge happen to be cool. So later on in the night the security calls my coworker over and asks him if he knows “that guy over there” speaking about Fabolous. My coworker say “That’s Fab right.” The security says “Yeah, but is he with your group.” Of course not. Tell me why the security said that Faboulous tried to say that he was with us and to add his bill to our boss’ tab. No joke. We were tipsy so we all thought it was hilarious that he did such a sucker move. But anyways, that’s my Faboulous story.”

Fabolous’ baby-mother is the star of VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop.”

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