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Via: sohh.com

OutKast’s Big Boi has opened up about the motivation behind his new solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot and said that it was Andre 3000’s suggestion to hold-off on another group project.

Boi said Dre’s busy schedule would have delayed an OutKast project.

“Let’s just be clear. The whole idea of recording this solo album came from Dre. It did not come from Big Boi. If it were me we would have done another Outkast record [laughs]. But Dre had just started doing movies and his clothing line and he wanted to focus on that. So he was like, ‘If we do the solo albums, it will make the Outkast albums mean that much more to the fans.’ And I was cool with that. I started Sir Lucious on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in 2007.” (VIBE)