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FROM SANDRA ROSE: Rumor has it that actor Merwin Mondesir has put actor Khalil Kain, from the film “Juice” and the show “Girlfriends,” on full blast on Facebook, outing him as a gay man.

Merwin Mondesir starred as “Dre” the bartender on the canceled show Noah’s Arc, cable TV’s first series with an all-gay cast. Off camera, he has come out, as well.

The following are messages were allegedly taken directly from Merwin’s Facebook page. SOURCE

there’s only one reason a good looking, decent actor like him would get left behind after Juice while so many others succeeded, do the math.

…truly a lost soul… and i’m not one to call out ppl but he deserves no civility from me. One of the worst human beings i ever met… Now I can put it to rest!

…How’s buying drinks under my room # and forging my name at the hotel we were staying at while filming for three months simply because we had a falling out over an incident he started. That’s just for starters.

…He had the nerve to tell me that the only reason Omar Epps has gotten all that work is because he’s a prototypical black man… hating much buddy!? and also that he was Pac’s b**** on Juice.

…so let’s see how he feels when someone does that to him. he broke the cardinal rule… After c***- blocking, speaking ill about another in the biz that’s doing their thing is a no-no, what happens on set stays on set. that’s the paparazzi job.

…one last tidbit, with the exception of Renaissance Man, his only two other big films were Bones and Juice, both directed by Ernest Dickerson. you figure it out, can we say freebee!

So, it seems Merwin isn’t bold enough to claim Kain is gay, but he sure is dropping a lot of hints.

Khalil has two kids and is the brother of rapper Maino.

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