WRNB Featured Video

Caktuz drops a series of mini-documentaries as teasers to his latest music video, “Still N The Hood: A Short Massacre”, with soul siren TreZure Empire (hot off her amazing performance at “A Night With  Bilal” in NY and last years Japan Music Week).

The long form video runs over 6 minutes in total, and is said to include explicit rare footage of an actual North Carolina race massacre by Klansman in the 80’s.

The teasers are a series of mini docs that include various testimonials from Caktuz’s hometown folk of High Point, NC. as well as introspective viral videos like this one with TreZure Empire. You can see all the teasers at http://www.caktuztree.com

The video is scheduled to premiere on Friday the 13th from Caktuz’s website via U-Stream for 24 hours, along with bonus footage, videos,  and interviews. Friday the 13th (not only being the spookiest day on the calendar for a video release of a massacre) is also the same day Caktuz begins his Today The World Tour in London with Brooklyn collective NRO’s Cavalier, Gia, & DJ Olabean.