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T-PainT-Pain‘s debut album was called Rapper Ternt Sanga.  Now T-Pain is flipping it for a leaked track from his forthcoming mixtape Prevolver. T-Pain revisits his rapping side on “You Copying Me” which addresses his journey from being the one hated on in his hometown to the one that everyone seems to be mimicking.

The track’s uptempo nature feels a little out of place in 2011 hip-hop, where everyone seems to want to rap over tracks that are slower than a sprinting turtle. Honestly, we can’t wait for Lil’ Kim to hear this and then release yet another Nicki Minaj diss…

You know it’s probably gonna happen…

T-Pain’s 30-track Prevolver mixtape will be released when he reaches 500,000 followers on Twitter today!  Download it at NappyBoyOnline.com. His fourth album, RevolveR, will be out soon!

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