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Fefe DobsonSongbird Fefe Dobson hails straight from Canada bearing a rocker swag, sweet face and hard lyrics. She debuted on the scene with the hit song “Take Me Away” off her self-titled album. Fefe was well-received but hit a small bump in the road after being dropped from her label Island Records. Fefe recorded music under an Independent record label for a while but resigned with Island Records and released her current album Joy. The album features sensual song “Can’t Breathe” which has over a million views on Vevo. Fefe talked to me about the album, her first encounter with rapper Wiz Khalifa and being disappointed that Drake didn’t win at the Juno Awards

On her first encounter with Wiz Khalifa:

“I heard he was doing a show in my home city of Toronto so thought I would check it out with some friends! It was my first time meeting him and seeing his live show! He is a super cool dude and his show was a blast!! I had fun!!!”

On Drake not winning at the Juno Awards:

“I love Drake. I was highly disappointed Drake did not win a Juno. He’s done so well for himself and there’s no denying his talent and success, so in my opinion he deserved to walk a way with an award.  I was shocked.”

Stay tuned for the dish on her album Joy, in Part 2…

Check out “Can’t Breathe”

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