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ifrogz mogul headphonesBeing a music fanatic, it is essential for me to have quality equipment to listen to my music with. I am constantly seeking the best headphones to compliment my I-Pod and find myself going through constant expensive trial and errors to identify the most efficient accessories.

ifrogz headphones

IFrogz DJ Style EarPollution headphones come in two different styles: The

Mogul and Ronins. The Moguls ($69.99) described as “oversized on-ear headphones [which] fold up easily

and feature Aerofoam ear cushions and padded headband;” partially caught my eye because they are made with 50 mm speaker drivers ensuring super-deep bass.

IFrogz come in an array of eye-popping colors and catch the attention of anyone wearing regular-sized ear-buds. The Moguls’ are big but they are comfortable and they adjust to your head with a simple toggle of the band. Impressed with those initial qualities I proceeded to actually hear how the IFrogz sounded. Loud, powerful, clear and strong; the IFrogz packed major punch delivering crystal clear lyrics and instruments I had never heard in certain songs before! Like promised, my environment became completely absent as if I had been deported into my own little world.

My IFrogz become slightly heavy after being worn for a long time and I got complaints from outsiders who could clearly hear what I was listening to. For the price of $69.99, IFrogz are a luxury and easily compete with overly expensive headphones out there!

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