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A Tribe Called QuestThe battle between members of A Tribe Called Quest and Michael Rapaport, director of the forthcoming documentary on the hip-hop group, rages on.  Rapaport recently gave an interview to where he addresses many of the grievances aired out in public by the group.

The interview starts off fairly lighthearted but takes a dark turn once Rapaport is asked about Tribe’s beef with not being credited as producers of the documentary.

Yeah, well, producers usually produce something. Q-Tip in my opinion has gone out of his way to make this as difficult a process as possible. They never asked about being producers until the 29th hour when my final cut was handed in. Then they said, and this is the exact truth, ‘We won’t sign off on the final cut until we are given producer credits and our managers are given producer credits.’

Now, my real opinion on why they shouldn’t be given producer credits is number one, they didn’t produce sh*t for the movie. Number two, why would you want to take a producer credit on something you didn’t produce? Number three, yes, it could potentially seem like a reality show or propaganda if you get a producer credit on something that is about you. I said, “If I keep this scene in there or that scene in there it’s a better story. It’s a better articulated, well-rounded story.” They said, “You’re gonna have to bite the bullet on this one. We don’t want that scene in there.”

There’s really far too much information given in the interview.   We highly suggest heading over to and reading the interview in full!

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