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kelly rowland charlamagne da godKelly Rowland stopped by the Power 105.1 “Breakfast Club” where she talked about Destiny’s Child, Matthew Knowles, interracial dating, and freeing herself by “going commando.” Not to mention Kelly is really beautiful and her skin is to die for!

What penis size is bigger, black or white?

I think it varies with guys; it doesn’t matter if you’re black white or whatever.

What’s you’re relationship with Mathew Knowles after leaving management with him?

I’m still very supportive of Mathew. I’ve been supportive since day one. He’s done great with Destiny’s Child, look at what he did. He definitely set us up to have great careers, so we’re not mad at that at all and I wish him the best.

Above anything it’s just growing up. I think when you grow up, you;re allowed to make decisions on your own and I support every decision Beyonce, Michelle and Solange makes.

You’re a beauty dark skin woman; do you ever feel like your darker complexion holds you back in the industry?

If you allow it to. I think what you think is what you kind of force that thought on people. I think as black people, haven’t we done that for years enough? “Oh my gosh, if you’re this, than you’re that..” We buy so many products as black women period. I don’t feel like there’s no reason for us to feel like we’re not as great as anybody else. I always hear women say “Oh, I’m dark skin, my dark skin color has set me back..”

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