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A Madea movie or play is always bound to make you think, laugh, smile or cry.  The theatrical release of Madea’s Big Happy Family is based on the popular play of the same name. Given the compelling subjects discussed in the play here are five reasons you should see the movie when it comes out April 22nd.

#5- You only have one Mother so you better listen and work out your differences. Mothers go through ordeals so that their children may have an opportunity in life. The lead character, Shirley, is gravely ill and is trying desperately to hold her family together.

#4- Material things are not the end all be all. The play opens with the song “People Make the World Go Round.” Kimberly the career minded daughter discovers that her career and nice things have made her the angry black woman. Just how much longer will her marriage survive if she keeps kicking a good man .The time old issue  about facing what being a strong woman is addressed.

#3- Life is too short to let it pass you by. Do something with what you have. No need in hiding it will find you. The character Joyce is representative of all the women who try to be “good women” and hide behind faith instead of embracing life. They become the super caretakers with no regard to what will happen when there is no one to take care of any longer. The empty nest syndrome can make you come undone.

# 2- Families will reflect on the importance of keeping a line of communication open. Madea will teach you all about talking the truth and live it out loud. Her children no longer talk to each other and just yell and scream at each other. Tammy must face that her lack of speaking up for herself and talking to others has caused her to have unruly children and marriage on the brink of destruction.

#1- You are guaranteed that Madea will make you laugh! You will sit there in awe as she drops knowledge on how to behave as a responsible adult.  Her  best line in the play is “You believe in praying for these children, I believe in kicking and hittin.”  Don’t make her hit you!

-Oretha Winston


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