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Karmin covers Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now"Chris Brown‘s latest single “Look At Me Now” has reinvigorated our fandom of Busta Rhymes who delivers one hell of a tongue twister verse. We’d sing along to it if only we could keep up.

Fortunately we found video of three white girls covering the song on YouTube, and with mixed results…

First up is Cassiieamanda.

Honestly we weren’t paying much attention to Cassiieamanda’s skill at first.  We were uhhh… distracted.   But once we heard her drop the N word, she got our attention.  For all the wrong reasons…

Score: 3/5

Next up is Codilinko:

Codilinko gets bonus points for skipping Chris Brown’s verse altogether and going straight for Busta’s verse.  Yet another bonus point for taking a shot at Twista’s verse from the remix.  Though she struggled with Twista’s verse, she did better than we’ve ever done at “Slow Jams” on Def Jam Rapstar.  Despite all of that, we’re revoking all of her points for letting the N-word fly.

Score: 2/5

Last up is Karmin…

Not only did Karmin *MURDER* each verse, she did it without dropping the N-word, something her counterparts were completely unable to do.  She wins by a landslide.

And her voice kinda reminds us of Nicki Minaj…

Score 5/5

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