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I recently told you guys that Keyshia Cole’s mom was arrested for failing a drug test, well it turns out that rumor was wrong. According to Frankie’s publicist, Cherry Banez, Frankie was arrested because she missed her probation visit due to the fact that she was undergoing treatment at Dr. Drew’s Pasadena Rehab center in California.

Take a look at the letter that Frankie’s publicist sent to

Sandra! fyi – unfortunately, Frankie was in a catch 22 situation – she missed probation because she was at rehab at Dr. Drew’s Pasadena center. That’s what lead to the arrest, not drugs as published by mediatakeout.

Frankie is 50 years old and I am doing what I can to help her change her image into a sober woman who has made regrettable mistakes. As she approaches the next phase of her life with grandkids and her new found children, I hope she does succeed. Keep up the good work with your Medical Minutes — what I am trying to say is you have readers who may not get medical info in traditional sources, but through your blog, [they] can at least receive medical info while getting their entertainment as well!

Take care,

Cherry Bañez


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Whew!! I’m glad that drugs was not involved!! I really want Frankie to get the help she needs.

Keyshia Cole Responds To Frankie’s Arrest On Twitter

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