Doesnt look good for one of Hip Hop’s favorite couple at all. Allegedly Ice-T has announced that he wants to break it off with the beautiful CoCo after confirmation of her affair with unknown rapper AP.9. To make matters worst Ice-T is demanding the fake breast and booty on CoCo’s body returned to him!

According to CBP

Ice-T Allegedly States :

“I can’t unbreak my heart, but I can take that azz back tho” said an obviously hurt Ice T in front of a courthouse after filing for divorce from his wife of 11 years after pictures of her kissing a fan surfaced online.

“She can have the money, the house, but them t*tties is mine” Ice T said after explaining that hitting her where it hurts will do more damage than leaving her broke ever would. “I’ma let her start March off with nobody and no body.” Ice T wants her assets delivered to the doorstep of his New Jersey estate no later than March 1st or any monetary support Coco would receive from the divorce will be withdrawn.”


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