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Mindless and dead, they’re ravenously seeking your flesh and brains – but will they rule the world?  The zombie is a phenomenon of pop culture, based on tales from European folklore.  Yet despite these ancient beginnings it wasn’t until George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead that these dammed creatures truly came into their own. Since this acclaimed film we’ve seen them grace the books of Stephen King, be used in countless video games, and even take a starring role in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Why are we now seeing zombies more than ever?  Partly due to the success of those other undead creatures, vampires – who’ve catapulted to cultural consciousness in the Twilight series and TV shows like True Blood, the time seemed ripe for more flesh hungry walkers.  But for the zombie enthusiast today’s zombified landscape has been a decade in the making.  Beginning in 2003 with Max Brooks’ best seller The Zombie Survival Guide, survivalists began stockpiling their gear and drawing up their floor plans for the impending apocalypse.  Then in 2004 the reboot of another Romero zombie classic, Dawn of the Dead hit the silver screen along with the hilarious Shaun of the Dead – zombies were officially back.

Today the two zombie juggernauts are AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Dead and the highly anticipated release of World War Z.  From the view at our fortified and remote safe house, 2013 is shaping up great for zombies – but can they hold our attention for long?

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