Cell phone usage and language have become one in the same. In this day in age texting symbols are the new words, and in many cases these symbols leave parents confused and frustrated when communicating with their children. Well parents have no fear because we have come up with a diagram of texting symbols every parent should know to help you bridge the gap between you, your child and the smiley face you see as a colon and a end parentheses :)

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Texting Symbols

: – D Grinning

:’ ) Happy and crying

: @ Shouting

:-# Razes

:( Sad, without nose

:’-( Crying

:-( Sad

:-( ) Shocked

:-(0) Shouting

:) Smiling without a nose

:-) Smiling

-:-) Punk

:-)= Smiling with a beard

:-)8 Smiling with bow tie

:-* Bitter

:-* Kiss

:-? Smoking a pipe

:- Sceptical

:^) Broken nose

:-{) With a moustache

:-{} Lip stick

:-| Determined

:-|/:-I No face/poker face

:-|| Angry

:-~) Having a cold

:’-( Crying

:’-D Crying with laughter

:-< Cheated

:-<> Surprised

:=) Two noses

:-0 hbtu 0-: Happy birthday to you

:-9 Salivating

:-c Unhappy

:-D Laugher

:-E Buck-toothed Vampire

:-o Appalled

:-O Wow

:-o zz Bored

:-v Talking

:-w Talking with two tongues

:-x Small Kiss

:-X Biggy sloppy kiss


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