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On April 22nd Tyler Perry will be releasing the next film adaptation of his popular series of plays based on his Madea character. The brash, gun-toting “My Dear” first appeared on the big screen in 2005’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman and will back in Madea’s Big Happy Family this spring.

Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family” Movie Stills [EXCLUSIVE]

Over the years Madea has been known to say some crazy things, most of them really funny. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite Madea movie quotes. Which one is your favorite? Click over to the Madea Fan Page On to weigh in!

5. Madea’s Family Reunion[CLICK TO WATCH]

After bragging about how many people she welcomes into her home Madea gets stuck with a rude runaway named Nikki. The little girl is not the ideal backseat driver and Madea has to set her straight.

Madea: Look girl I’m done told you already to stop poppin’ that gum!

Nikki: Look! If you touch me, I’m gonna call 911!

Madea: My daughter tried that. I hit her so hard she dialed 919!

4. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman[CLICK TO WATCH]

After being informed that her granddaughter Helen signed a prenup Madea informs her that she is entitled to 64 Billion dollars in back pay from her ex-husband.

“You can get it one of two ways. You can get it from his checking account voluntarily, or his insurance policy. Involuntary manslaughter. Which one is it gon’ be?”

3. Madea’s Family Reunion[CLICK TO WATCH]

Nikki might be a pain but Madea still stands up for her to school bully.

Boy on School Bus: Shut up, old lady!

[Madea jumps to him and continually slaps him]

Mable ‘Madea’ Simmons: [Balls up her fist] I’ll be waiting for you at three o’clock!

2.Diary Of Mad Black Woman[CLICK TO WATCH]

When Madea confronts the woman her grand daughter’s ex left her for she has a few choice quotables for her but this one is the best:

Brenda: I know Tae Kwon Do

Madea: And I know whoop yo’ Ass!

1.Madea Goes To Jail

After a rude shopper in a little red sports car steals her parking spot, Madea tosses her whip like a sack of flour. The pint-sized terror calls her husband who is a police officer to which Madea responds:

“I ain’t scared a no po po. Call da po po hoe!” (she said this DOMBW before but it was just so appropriate here)



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