To Whom It May Concern,

Let me start by saying that though I may not know your name, I do believe that I know who you are. I hope that makes sense. I truly believe that all of our paths cross at some point in life whether directly or indirectly and that we all can learn a little something from one another if we remain open. This year I have decided to dedicate my efforts to the spreading of a specific message. One that I feel will benefit all those willing to receive it, including myself. The message or the plea rather is to Date Responsibly. It will be outlined in a series of four e-books all with the aforementioned title broken down into volumes that will focus on specific and intentional information.

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The message is a corporate one as it applies to women and men alike. However ladies, this series is for you. It isn’t my intention to pardon men from irresponsible behavior. Nor is it my goal to excuse their (our) lack of commitment to you at times. It’s just that I have come to learn something about men and women for that matter. It is this; many times it takes a woman to live in such a way that through her lifestyle she teaches the lessons that a man ought to learn. That’s power! But with that power comes responsibility and it’s on that responsibility that your true fulfillment hinges.

You see being consistently happy is more than a possibility. The more responsibility you take for your own happiness the more probable it is that what you seek will indeed come into fruition. I am not naive enough to assume that this message is for everyone. Although I am fairly certain that there are those who both need and desire it. Not because they are doing something wrong but because they desire to do something right.

Whatever your past, however your present let us focus on your future. Please know that I am writing this letter and have created this series with your heart in mind. I encourage you to guard it. It’s more than precious and every time it’s pricked it leaves a scar. These scars can be overcome but not undone. If not careful they can limit your capacity to not only give love but to receive the love you both desire and deserve as well.

I hope that we can continue to build on this conversation that is designed to climax with the release of the first volume of this series in March.  I am available and open via twitter, facebook, email, etc. As we proceed please remember to #DateResponsibly.

Always with you in mind,


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