School Name Street Address Recommended Action Current grades Amy at Martin 3380 Richmond St. Program relocation (co-located with Penn Treaty MS) 6-8 Bok, Edw. W. Technical H.S. 1901 S 9th St. Close (CTE programs relocate to South Phila. H.S.) 9-12 Carness Annes at Fels 901 Devereaux Ave. Relocate grades 7-8 to St. Bernard in Dec., then to Harding M.S. 7-8
Carroll, Charles H.S. 2700 E. Auburn St. Close 9-12 Communications Tech H.S. 8110 Lyons Ave. Close (CTE programs relocate as an academy within Bartram H.S.) 9-12 Cooke, Jay 1300 W Louden St. Close K-8
Douglas, Stephen A. H.A. 2700 E. Huntingdon St. Close 9-12 Duckrey, Tanner 1501 W. Diamond St. Close K-8 Fairhill 601 W. Somerset St. Close K-8
Ferguson, Joseph C. 2000 N. 7th St. Close K-8 Fulton, Robert 60 E. Haines St. Close K-6 Germantown H.S. 40 E. High St. Close 9-12
Gompers, Samuel 5701 Wynnefield Ave. Close K-6 Hill, Leslie P. 3133 Ridge Ave. Close K-8 Kinsey, John L. 6501 Limekiln Pike Close K-8
Lankenau H.S. 201 Spring Lane Program relocation (co-located with Roxborough H.S.) 9-12 Leidy 1301 Belmont Ave. Close K-8 McCloskey, John F. 8500 Pickering St. Close K-6
McMichael, Morton 3543 Fairmount Ave. Close K-8 Meade, Gen. George C. 1600 N. 18th St. Close K-8 Morris, Robert 2600 W. Thompson St. Close K-8
Overbrook Elementary 2032 N. 62nd St. Close K-5 Parkway Northwest 7500 Germantown Ave. Program relocation (co-located with Leeds M.S.) 9-12 Peirce, Thomas M. 2300 W. Cambria St. Close K-6
Pepper, George M.S. 2901 S. 84th St. Close 5-8 Phila. Military Acad. at Elverson 2118 N. 13th St. Program relocation (merged with Acad. at Leeds — new site: Roosevelt) 9-12 Reynolds, Gen. John F. 1429 N. 24th St. Close K-8
Robeson H.S. 4125 Ludlow St. Close (programs relocate to Sayre H.S.) 9-12 Shaw, Anna M.S. 5400 Warrington Ave. Close 7-8 Sheridan West Academy 3701 Frankford Ave. Close 7-8
Smith 1900 Wharton St. Close K-8 Strawberry Mansion H.S. 3133 Ridge Ave. Close 9-12 Taylor, Bayard 3698 N. Randolph St. Close K-5
University City H.S. 3601 Filbert St. Close 9-12 Vare, Abigail 1621 E. Moyamensing Ave. Program relocation (to G. Washington) K-8 Whittier, John G. 3001 N. 27th St. Close K-6
Wilson, Alexander 1300 S. 46th St. Close K-6
School Name Street Address Recommended Action Current grades Lamberton, Robert H.S. 7501 Woodbine Ave. Close H.S. (facility still used by Lamberton Elem.) 9-12 Motivation H.S. 2555 S. 78th St. Program relocation (to Turner M.S. building — current site stays in use as Penrose Elem.) 9-12 Phila. Military Acad. at Leeds 1100 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Program relocation (merged with Acad. at Elverson — new site: Roosevelt) 9-12
Pratt, Anna B. 2200 N. 22nd St. Program closure (building used for pre-K) K-6 Roosevelt, Theodore 430 E. Washington Ln. Program closure (building used for Phila. Military Acad.) 7-8 Vaux, Robert H.S. 2300 W. Master St. Program closure (building to house a new elementary school) 9-12
Washington, George Elem. 1198 S. 5th St. Program closure (A. Vare relocates here) K-8
Philadelphia School District Recommended Closures Facility closures

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