Women are always seen as being mysterious and confusing. But they aren’t always that complicated. So here’s the Top 10 secrets about women that you may not know.

1) They’ve done something they’d rather not tell you 

Everyone has regrets. There’s no exception to that when it comes to women. Unless specifically asked about whatever it is, women will most likely avoid telling you about it if they can.

2) They need to feel special

It’s been said again and again, but it really is the little things that make a woman happy. Remembering what they say and actually listening will get you far. It’s not about how much you spend on her. She’ll remember what you say and how she feels when she’s with you.

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3) Women are sensitive to criticism 

Tell the truth… with delicacy. Women are more likely to focus on the negative that was said than the positive.

4) You get compared to Exes

The past should stay in the past, and you aren’t with your ex for a reason. But that doesn’t mean that women aren’t comparing how you treat them to how their ex did. Most of the time, you’ll win in the comparison.

5) You’re constantly being tested

Your actions, gestures, and words are being evaluated. Women analyze a lot. They react to you based on what they pick up on from you. While you may say something that you think is pretty straight forward, women are going to think about the deeper meaning behind it.

6) What you think is natural, probably isn’t

While this isn’t true for everyone, women spend a lot of time perfecting the “natural look”. Makeup, false lashes, hair extensions, the list goes on and on.

7) You don’t really know how much they eat

Ever wonder why when you go out on a date, she orders a salad or says she isn’t hungry? She probably ate beforehand, or is going to later. It might not make sense, but women don’t want to be seen as eating too much.

8) You don’t know their spending habits

Want to know how much she spent on her shoes, or how often she shops? You probably will get a number that’s rounded down. Women don’t want to be seen as spending too much, so they won’t tell you how much money they spent.

9) Hygiene/Cleaning habits

Women aren’t always organized. Sometimes things get messy, but you won’t really know her cleaning habits if you look at her apartment.

10) They try to make you jealous

This is something a lot of women are guilty of. She might do it to get your attention, she might just do it out of spite. But there’s a chance that she’s doing it to see how you’ll react.

Words by: Stephanie Lauredent

Twitter: @StephLauredent

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