Cuffing season is upon us and winter is the worse season to lose that special someone over an argument. Instead of going through heartbreak and disappointment, check out these top 10 arguments to avoid while in a relationship.

10.) Guys, Don’t Talk About Her Style

Let’s face it. One of a girlfriend’s responsibilities is to make sure her boyfriend’s style is up to date. Just because she dresses you, does not mean you can do the same. Men should refrain from negative clothing references! If a negative comment happens to slip out…apologize immediately!

9.) Cooking 101

Every guy likes a girl that can cook! We all know the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, especially if he’s use to his mama throwing down in the kitchen. If you know your cooking is not edible, don’t trip when he does not lick the plate. Instead, be honest and up front with him. Tell him you don’t know how to cook but that you two should explore the kitchen together. It may lead to a hobby you two can share!

8.) Leave Exes in the PAST

Men and women should refrain from comparing exes to current significant others. Your exes are in your past for a reason try not to bring them up in a current relationship.

7.) Just Let Me Drive

Quite a lot of arguments occur in the car, whether she’s driving too slow or he refuses to pull over and ask for directions. Take car trips as an opportunity to learn more about each other.

6.) Who’s the Money Maker?

.  While money is important in a relationship, using someone’s financial situation against them in an argument is low and could quickly end a relationship. Don’t be that person who uses a person’s finances to make them feel worthless in an argument.

5.) Don’t Talk About My Friends!

If you don’t have anything nice to say about your significant other’s friends…. It’s best to keep your comments to yourself. Don’t try it.

4.) Bathroom Tendencies

We all have bad habits that stem from bathroom tendencies. Ladies stop clogging the sink with your hair, and guys please put the toilet seat down. Eventually these habits will turn in to unnecessary arguments.

3.) Occasional Glances

Glances behind your significant others back is bound to stir up an argument. Some couples live by the motto “Look but don’t touch”. Unless you and your partner have this mutual understanding, it’s best to keep your eyes to yourself.

2.) Family Events

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to prepare for family encounters. When dealing with your spouse’s family there is only one motto to live by, “Put Up or Shut Up”.

1.) Let Me See Your Phone

In this technological age, there are a number of sneaky ways you or your partner could be caught hiding pictures and texts. To prevent an argument from arising when your spouse asks to see your phone, don’t have any questionable material stored in your technological device. 

Words by: Taisje Claiborne |Twitter|


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