Let’s say from the age of five years old you developed a passion for music. As a child you sung in your father’s choir; your family sang professionally, even performed at the prestigious Philadelphia Academy of Music and for President Jimmy Carter.

How do you top the success of your musical history? For Ryan Corbin, the writer, singer and songwriter, the answer is easy. You see the past as the blueprint for your present and future success. You seize your opportunities always looking to excel your potential. Vocalist, storyteller, visionary, Ryan Corbin, a native from Willingboro, NJ, has worked with some of the greatest artist of today’s music. Ryan has performed with the likes of Dottie Peoples, John P. Kee and Vikki Winans at the Atlanta Civic Center. Ryan has also opened for Trey Songz at the Tower Theater in Philly, and sung background vocals for Marsha Ambrosious. What makes Ryan a visionary artist? It is his unique way of expression in his lyrics. “I find ways to speak about love in the unconventional way. The pureness of melodies and simplistic songs with sing a long hook allows the average listener to feel connected. The surprise element is my stage show. Because of my size most don’t see me moving and dancing on stage. My goal is to show everyone that big men get it in too. All in all, I’m really just trying to change the face of good music…ONE VERSE AT A TIME!!”

Ryan has two different musical personas. Ryan Corbin the artist is clean cut. He is the gentlemen. He cooks, caters to women, and is the romancer, the attention giver. He is who you hear on the sexy, sweet, gentle love songs including Ryan’s first single “Traffic” Ryan’s Debut Album entitled Heartbeat will be released on Independent Powerhouse Betta Muzik Group is mostly comprised of offerings from Ryan Corbin, the lover. Phuel tends to come out mostly whenever paired with a hip hop artist. Or you may hear him on stronger, more urban songs like “Top of the World” & “DéjàVu”, with label mate “Flash” and Gentlemen’s Club, written by Ryan Toby.

Ryan has learned a great deal from life. He is using all of his experiences, channeling it all through his music. Spiritually guided, a rising icon, breathing new life into R&B….RYAN CORBIN, a name to be remembered for years to come.

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