1. Sudden changes in their friendship circle

2. Lack of interest in activities, school or failing grades

3. Isolation from friends and family

4. Emotional outbursts

5. Excessive calling/texting or desire to quickly call/text back a significant other

6. Social media harassment, humiliation, or constant pressure to “status update/check in”

7. Romanticizing of significant other’s jealous remarks or behavior

8. Frequent demand of privacy or secretive behavior

9. Constant apologetic language

10. Excessive makeup or unusual clothing choices (to hide physical bruises, scratches etc.)

11. Overall change in temperament or personality

12. Sudden criticism of their own appearance, talent, abilities etc.

13. Name calling by their significant other (sometimes veiled or dismissed as “joking”)

14. Improper justification of behavior (their own and/or their significant other’s)

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