In honor of Dyana Williams 40th anniversary in radio, here are 40 things you might not know about the legendary broadcaster:

1. Where did Dyana Williams grow up?

Answer: Bronx & Harlem

2. What other language does Dyana speak?

Answer: Spanish

 3. What instrument did Dyana study when she was 15 with Jimmy Heath?

Answer:  Flute

4. Where did Dyana first attend college?

Answer:   City College  CCNY

5. What Pacifica radio station did Dyana sit in for Rob Crocker?

Answer:  WBAI-FM

6. Bob “Nighthawk” Terry hired Dyana at what station for her first professional radio job?

Answer:   WHUR-FM 96.3

 7. What was Dyana’s radio show called in DC?

Answer:  Ebony Moonbeams

8. Who recorded a song inspired by Dyana’s  first DC radio show?

Answer:  Ebony Moonbeams as recorded by George Cables, Bobby Hutcherson & Freddie Hubbard

9. Legendary programmer Frankie Crocker hired Dyana to work at what station?

Answer:  WBLS-FM 107.5

10. Name the songwriter/producer who Dyana  had three children with?

Answer:  Kenny Gamble

11. Name Dyana’s three children.

Answer:  Caliph, Salahdeen & Princess Idia Gamble

12. What rock station did Dyana work for?

Answer:  WMAL-FM

13. What television show did Dyana work at in the nation’s capitol.

Answer:  PM Magazine/WDVM

13. Dyana was a freelance entertainment reporter for what network.

Answer:  BET

14. Dyana served as a consultant for VH-1, what was the name of the show?

Answer:  Soul of VH-1

15. Dyana hosted a nationally syndicated radio show with Gary Byrd, what was the name?

Answer:  Star Beat

16. Dyana was music/program director for what radio station in Washington DC?

Answer:  WMMJ-FM 102.3

17. What is the name of the music organization that Dyana founded in 1990?

Answer:  International Association of African-American Music Foundation (IAAAM Foundation)

18. What month and what did Dyana help to get recognized by Congress?

Answer:  June, Black Music Month

19. Gary Taylor was inspired by Dyana to write what song for Anita Baker?

Answer:  Good Love

20. Who is godmother to Dyana’s children?

Answer:   Jean Carn

21. Which artist invited Dyana to speak on his album?

Answer:  Will Downing

22. What Mayor gave Dyana a Liberty Bell?

Answer:  Mayor John Street

23. Which American President honored Dyana at the White House?

Answer:  President George W. Bush

24. What does Dyana do with celebrity clients?

Answer:  Coach

25. What year did Dyana start at WRNB-FM

Answer:  2006

26. Who is Dyana’s radio partner on Soulful Sunday?

Answer:  Derrick Sampson

 27. Other than the Philly area, where does Dyana live?

Answer:    Treme, New Orleans

 28. Which author made dedications in his books to Dyana?

Answer:  E. Lynn Harris

 29. Which Philadelphia Oscar nominated filmmaker is a dear friend of Dyana?

Answer:  Lee Daniels

30. What does Dyana collect?

Answer:  Art, first edition books, handmade dolls

31. What happens at noon on Soulful Sunday?

Answer:  Battle of the Best

32. Dyana co wrote No Laughing Matter for what artist?

Answer:  Jean Carn

33. Dyana is a Cultural Ambassador for what?

Answer:  Philly 360

34. What person did Dyana admire most?

Answer:  Gordon Parks

35.   What university did Dyana graduate from Cume Laude?

Answer:    Temple University

36. What television show is Dyana a frequent commentator on?

Answer:  Unsung

37. What tv show does Dyana do the voice over for?

Answer:  Verses & Flow

38. What documentary is producing with noted director Nelson George?

Answer:  Gamble, Huff & Bell The Sound of Philadelphia

 39. What magazine does Dyana write a monthly column for?

Answer:  The Frequency

40. Who is Dyana’s BFF?

Answer Cathy Hughes

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