Jeff Murrell’s story starts out like most great singers. He started singing in church at the age of five. He’s sung extensively in the gospel community and has shared stages with some of the music industries’ most popular artists. His resume of performances, songwriting accomplishments and recorded projects are impressive but for the new direction Jeff is embarking upon it’s the story behind his story that makes the difference 

Jeff is one of three children and the only person in his family with musical genius. Usually the gift is passed on genetically or it’s learned because its student has been surrounded by musicians and singers. But Jeff didn’t have any of that. His ability to sing was placed in him from the beginning. No one but God can take credit for Jeff’s phenomenal vocal ability and instrumentation.

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Jeff’s debut project entitled, “Broken Man” is a collage of songs written for women to inspire them to love themselves. Ironically titled, this project comes from a man who has unfortunately experienced being broken. Jeff’s mother passed away when he was just 17 years old and it was her that instilled in him the insight to see that God can take anything or anyone and make it beautiful. It was also the life she lived in front of him that taught him women are a precious commodity and should be loved and valued. “It’s funny how sometimes you don’t know that you know something until it’s too late.” Jeff didn’t realize all of these life lessons that his mother was teaching him until after she died. 
After going through this hard place Jeff found himself in the obvious safe haven which was church. He grew up in church and knew that it was going to be his faith that would save his life. As the years went on Jeff’s vocal ability began to grow and his range and control left people in awe. It also got the attention of some major gospel artist which opened the doors for Jeff to travel nationally.

During this period Jeff also got away from the lessons his mother taught him. In his travels he’s met countless women with different names, faces and shapes; some in church, some wouldn’t touch church if you paid them. But he also noticed that no matter what part of the globe these women were from, what economic level they were on or what their educational or religious background may have spoke they all were dealing with the same issue; looking to be validated, settling for less and wanting to be loved. This discovery would bring Jeff back to the life lessons he learned – that God can take anything and make it beautiful. 
Jeff’s journey has led him to Grammy nominated music industry producer Herb Middleton whose resume is too long to list. But the connection of these two talents has birthed such a groundbreaking project that is worthy of multi-platinum record sales and Grammy awards. The Broken Man project will put every listener on an emotional roller coaster and have them in line waiting to get on again.

Check Out Jeff’s Live Performance in Mo’s House:

Check out his song “Epitome” below…

Jeff Murrell – Epitome

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