Barack Obama, Will Smith, Shawn Carter are undoubtedly three of the greatest achievers of our culture. All are men from various walks of life having hailed from different backgrounds. Yet in still a deeper look into their lives reveals a commonality among them. One that I believe contributes to their great success; all three men are married. Many consider marriage to be the pinnacle of commitment, the end game if you would. Be that as it may it is the process of love and commitment that is of great importance to men. Our failure to realize this could ultimately prove detrimental to our growth and development in totality.

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We’ve been tricked, bamboozled even, into thinking that love and commitment is something we should stay away from. Made to think that single is synonymous with happiness. Those we elevate as role models often take to the pulpit (i.e. television and radio) and proudly proclaim their infidelity.

Encouraging us to continue to favor pleasure over patience and spend life consumed with self. When we do this we miss out on the fulfillment that comes by sharing of ourselves with another.

The truth is that if a man is able to discipline himself to be firmly and wholly committed to a woman he can will himself to accomplish anything. Success is simply a byproduct of habitual commitment. Studies also show that men who are married or in a committed relationship live longer and are less stressed than their single counterparts. There is also the misconception that being single allows you the ability to work harder and to accomplish more. Not true. In fact many men spend that “extra” time being single affords them caught up in the “hunt.”

There is something about commitment that has the potential to bring the best out of a man. Take the men mentioned earlier. There is no doubt that their greatest achievements have taken place after fully giving themselves over to the responsibility that comes with loving a woman. A man’s ability to embrace this responsibility is a vital step in his maturation process. The one who intentionally eludes love and commitment seeks escape from the accountability that accompanies predetermined expectations. In doing so he shrinks from the obligation of having to live up to his words.

Commitment requires that you rise up to a certain standard and in doing so that standard soon becomes the bench mark for every area of your life. Your success at being committed ultimately rests on your ability to look past the moment and forecast into the future. It hinges on the willingness to bypass instant gratification for something you deem to be greater, and the wherewithal to focus whole heartedly on a single goal [loving your woman].

I’ve always thought that one day I would meet a woman that made me want to love her the way she truly deserved to be loved. I have since dismissed such thoughts. I now realize it to be my absolute duty to become such a man that will rise to the level of responsibility required to genuinely love a woman. The ownness is on me. It’s on you, to multiply her joy. Help her live, make her laugh and most of all provoke her to love without regret.

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