Is it just us or does Cheating seem like its the thing to do? For a lot of us in relationship cheating spouses is something that a lot of people have to confront, but might not know how. For others the cheating has occurred for years, but you don’t know how to catch him/her in the act. Well look no further! We’ve created a Cheating Survival Guide: How To Catch A Cheating Spouse. 

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Difficulty Contacting Your Partner (cell phone, at work)

When calling your partner’s phone, it either constantly rings or goes straight to voice mail. You also try calling them on their work phone and their co-worker says they are busy or that they just stepped out. It’s all a game that they try to play so start taking notes on their communication with you.

Appearance Changes:

You find them going to the gym more often than usual and putting themselves on a diet.  They even start spending more time in the bathroom and buying new clothes. They’ve been looking the same since the time you first met them and now they want to switch it up? Think about it.

They Become Less Attentive:

Your spouse will be so occupied with trying to keep up with their lies, time, and busy schedule. They become forgetful and less communicative with you. So try to play along by asking them about something they mentioned weeks ago. If the story changed up, then maybe you should rethink the trust in your relationship.

Working Overtime All The Time:

Your partner does not want to cause suspicion and therefore says they have to stay later at the office. It is easy for them to use work as an excuse because it ‘s common.  Try surprising them one day by bringing them dinner or just coming to check in on them.

No More Sex:

You may hear “I’m just too occupied right now”, “Not right now honey”, “I’m too tired”, and a long list of other excuses for why they don’t want to spend some “quality” time with you. Don’t believe that crap. Have you ever met someone that didn’t want some sexual attention?….“Don’t worry, I’ll wait”


You begin to get this gut feeling,which never steers you wrong, that something is not right. The suspicion starts and you start getting second thoughts, feeling insecure, and a host of other thoughts that will pop in your head. Be conscious of their behavior from now on and be certain if they are acting out of character.

They Call You Crazy:

They don’t know how else to respond so they make you feel like they would never do such a thing. They start telling you what you want to hear like “Baby, I would never cheat on you, you’re the only one for me.” Blahblahblah!

Hiding Money & Other Funds:

They tend to this because it covers up the evidence which makes sense, but you need to catch them in the act. Questioning them about the purchases is a definite; the first thing you should do. Next, pay attention to their cell phone. How many do they have and what for? Don’t let them undermine you, out smart them in their own game of lies.

More & More Arguments:

It’s plain and simple. They just want to pick a fight with you to have an easy exit. It can be the smallest of things that they will choose to make a big deal out of just to storm out the house. Whatever you do, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! It is all an act that you can shut down by siding with them. They can’t leave then.

More Time On Social Media:

Lately, people have been meeting others online and what better to do than to use the internet for an affair. Your average person will not know how to track someone’s emails so they’re off the hook. The most you can do is observe from a distance until you detect something worth getting all up in their face. I know you want to snap, but just be patient, they’ll slip up.

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