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While most people (especially married people) can agree that cheating of any kind is inexcusable, we can also agree that cheating has become more common over the years and the list of ‘common cheating excuses‘ is growing by the minute. Some cheating excuses are completely ridiculous, but others are actually backed by science!

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10. Technology makes it too easy!

Believe it or not, men and women blame social networking, chat rooms, and dating websites for offering easy access. The fact that there are apps made to help cover up cheating and chat rooms specifically for “married people looking for extramarital affairs,” certainly don’t help the cause!

9. What If?

Curiosity has always and will always kill the cat! Men and women love to blame cheating on things like “getting married too early,” or “not experiencing enough people before settling down.” The curiosity of what their life may be like with other people pushes them to go find out!

8. Ego Boost.

Face it, after being with the same person for a really long time, you may start to wonder: “do I still got it?” In search of confirmation, men and women go out to find new partners and test their “skills.”

7. Parallel Lives

After a while, people who once used to be at a similar place in their lives start to travel down different paths and no longer have the same things in common anymore and can’t relate to each other.

6. Unappreciated?

Mainly women, often feel taken for granted in a relationship and look to other for that feeling of appreciation and satisfaction.

5. NAG!

No one likes a nagger. Many people claim to be pushed to cheat because of excessive nagging from their spouses/partner.

4. No More Passion

The fire stopped burning, there’s no more passion, no sex drive.

3. Biology?

Science claims that men are genetically programed to want to sleep with as many women as possible. Is the “urge” natural?


Men argue that love and sex have nothing to do with one another and having sex doesn’t mean they love their partner any less.

1. Revenge!

An eye for an eye! When one person cheats, the other believes there is no better payback then to cheat back.

Words By: @_missmaya

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