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The question of the century. Well here is your answer, it is soooo hard for you to get over your ex because you are too caught up in the past and “what used to be”. It’s just that simple, right?

Of course not, relationships are never that easy. At least you realized that it’s hard for you to get over him/her, that’s the first step. Now say “My name is (insert name) and I’m a exaholic”, hahahhaa just kidding.

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At this point you need to forget all good times because if that’s all you remember, that’s all you’re gonna want. Remembering your first date and what you two did on Valentine’s Day is not gonna help your situation. You have to cut off all ties meaning no calls, no texts, no hookups and do not, I repeat do not keep any of his/her belongings. Never go and try to get your belongings back. That can only cause trouble, either an argument or a hook up and at that point it’s like choosing between getting beat up or shot. No good outcome possible. Next , just hang out with your friends and move on. Meet someone new, actually meet a couple new people; it’s always good to have options. (Stella needs to get her groove back or Steve if you’re a guy.)

If this person ever pops up in your life again, just remember all the bad times; that will definitely buy you a ticket on the plane to getting over your ex, first class to be exact. Lastly, remember that this person was once your best friend, was always there, and knows everything about you soooo of course getting over him/her is hard but not impossible.

words by: @kidkaitie

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