Our resident relationship expert, Kevin Carr, was kind enough to give us a few tips for our dating game. Here’s a look at Kevin’s list of first date mistakes to avoid.

  • No job interviews: “Where do you work?” “How much do you make?” “What are your future plans?” No one likes to be interrogated on a first date. Cultivating conversation and listening intently will reveal everything that you need to know about him. Give it time.
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  • Ditch the attitude: Believe it or not, men are often nervous on first dates too. Smile and be approachable. He is busy trying to make a good first impression with you, so throw him a bone. [Unless, of course, he’s a dog and then he had it coming.]
  • Location, location, location: Absolutely no first dates in the living room — yours or his. This sends the wrong message to a man. It tells him that you are entirely too comfortable too soon. If you spend the first date on his couch, where will you spend the second?


For Kevin’s full list of first date advice, you can read his blog here.

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