Each of us, man and woman has been given two things, a gift and a responsibility. The gift is life itself accompanied by the responsibility to exercise authoritative dominating influence over it. In essence, you have control over your own life and all that is encompassed within. Your heart, mind and emotions all fall under the umbrella of your influence. As you engage in the dating game remember that ultimately you are in control. The ironic thing about control is that even though it is yours it is not automatic. You must exercise it if you are to reap the benefits of it.

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How To Win The Dating Game: 3 Ways To Figure Out His Motives

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Allow me to be clear I am not advocating that you adopt the habit of being controlling as a character trait. That is often just a sign that you are not in control at all. I am encouraging you to be secure, knowledgeable and most importantly responsible. When you do this, the ownness is on you to get what you want out of life and in this specific case your dating experience. I believe in love! However it is my conviction that if you are to ever experience true love should you desire it, you mustn’t give your heart over to chance. With that said here are a few ways to seize control of your dating life which will help to ensure that you receive what it is that you are looking for.

Know What You Want

Imagine this; you’ve just finished up a long day at work in which you were too busy to take a lunch break. You decide to head to the super market to pick up some items so that you can make dinner. You arrive at the store hungry and even worse unprepared as you have forgotten to take the time to write down your grocery list. You travel aisle to aisle in search of something to fulfill your cravings. Your search is more difficult than it has to be because you haven’t quite settled on what it is you want. After you realize you have spent more time, energy and effort in the grocery store than you previously intended you decide to just grab a few quick items that seem fitting at the moment and head home. Once home you come to the conclusion that what you grabbed for yourself is not what you really wanted and that on this day your cravings will go unsatisfied after all.

Many women go through this same thing in their respective dating lives. The culprit you ask? Their lack of knowing what they want. If you never settle within yourself what it is you want in a man and in a relationship you will be forced to continuously weed through the unfortunate dilemmas that come with attaching yourself to the wrong person. This can be avoided by taking control. The first step is to know what you want.

Be Direct

Now that you know what you want it doesn’t stop there. You must project what you want if you are to receive it. When it comes to your heart being forward is the only way to be. In your dealings with men be clear about your expectations and what it is you are looking for. This will help you weed out those that do not have your best interest at heart from the very beginning. This will also hone your focus on your true desires. After all, genuineness begins with you.

Take Your Time

Without fail time always tells the truth. If it is quality you are looking for you cannot rush it. The single action of a man, whether it be good or bad is not a true indicator of who he is. It is what he does on a continual basis that illustrates his true character make up. Allow him to show you who he is consistently over a period of time before you give all of yourself to him.

With you in mind,

Kevin Carr

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