Charlize Theron and Jillian Michaels are two white Hollywood A-listers that have recently made it public that they’ve extended their families to include little black babies. They’re not the first of the majority to pick an minority child to bring into a life of luxury. So obviously people took a critical stance on the subject and complained about white celebrities adopting black babies. Many black people are cynical in their opinions on white celebrities and black babies–making it seem as if these babies are the latest must-have accessory.

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What’s the problem here? If babies need a home, it doesn’t matter what the race of a person is. What matters is that a child is getting a home. Huffington Post dug into this subject matter and attempted to answer the question–why do white celebrities adopt black babies? And the answer was insightful. Basically, black babies are the last of all races to be adopted.

According to Love Isn’t Enough, adoptive families were questioned about what race they’re open to adopting and here are the results:

88% would ‘accept’ a White baby

33% would ‘accept’ a South American or Hispanic baby

28% would ‘accept’ an Asian baby

14% would ‘accept’ a Black baby

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It’s amazing that the wait time for a healthy white baby is two years and so many adoptive parents would rather wait that time than receive a baby of color. Meanwhile black babies are literally waiting for families to adopt them. This hurts. So, yes, if celebrities want to adopt black babies, let them. At least someone wants to give these children the lives they deserve outside of the system.

So my question is–would the critics of white celebrities that adopt black babies be as upset if white families passed up healthy black babies and waited in line to get a white baby? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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