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Who’s the man on the right? The implication: It was Trayvon Martin. The online rumor was that this photo was “pulled from Facebook.” But on Sunday, the Twitter aggregator (yes, we’ve come to that point) Twitchy, which tracks viral content, retracted a post about the photo. “The photo on the right is not Trayvon Martin,” editors wrote.

Yesterday, I was still seeing blog posts tracking the spread of the photo. This morning, I was still getting Facebook messages about it.

Why is the fake photo so popular? It’s part of a new cottage industry of “truth about Trayvon” content, calibrated to convince people that they really shouldn’t worry about the implications of this killing. Why, the kid wasn’t even a saint! He might have been shot after brawling with the man who creeply followed him around the gated community? The Drudge Report has become a one-stop shop for Trayvon contrarianism. Here’s every story about the dead kid on the site right now.

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