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It’s been 20 years since Naughty By Nature released its self-titled debut album, and to commemorate, Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee are getting ready to drop a new full-length, ‘Anthem Inc.,’ on May 17. The album will include re-works of hits such as ‘O.P.P.’ and ‘Hip-Hop Hooray’ alongside new material, including ‘Flags,’ the single with a anti-gun violence message that warrants two separate video treatments.

“It really seems like two years, it doesn’t seem like 20 years,” Treach told TheBVX.com. “Hip-hop is the fountain of youth, definitely. It feels good, that time really flew and I have the hunger like we just came out.”

The group met up at Yoshi’s in San Francisco to celebrate two decades of sound and to unearth some tidbits you probably didn’t know (or may have forgotten) about Naughty By Nature.

20. Though Naughty By Nature is 20-years-old this year, these three guys have been together for even longer, and got their start together performing at high school talent shows.

19. Their original group name was The New Style, and they self-released an album called ‘Independent Leaders‘ in 1989. On the cover, Vin Rock and Treach are rocking some clean sweaters (argyle and cable-knit, respectively), and Kay Gee a Kid ‘n Play high top fade.

18. “Europe is a huge market for us, and most recently, Eastern Europe: Croatia, the Czech Republic, and spots like that,” says Vin Rock. The group played the first-ever hip-hop show in Poland in 2007. “We were there outside in the middle of the Polish projects and [it was] predominantly all males out there and it was crazy,” he remembers. “A lot of Eastern Europe, they’re just breaking down walls and coming out of a lot of hard times so those kids are real gutter and gully out there. It’s definitely good to keep going and opening up these different markets.”



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