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Chris Brown and Charlie SheenAfter a strenuous Good Morning American interview with Robin Roberts, R&B star Chris Brown had a very public meltdown.  Chairs were thrown, shirts were ripped off, publicists quit and basketball was played. Even Willow Smith took shots on Twitter. But after the dust cleared GMA was willing to have Chris Brown back on the show for a do-over. With his new album F.A.M.E to promote the once blonde and now black-haired again crooner couldn’t pass up a chance to make amends. However, he wasn’t going to be blind-sided again. This time he was going in prepared.

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After seeing how Charlie Sheen successfully spun his antics into t-shirts, remixes and public acclaim, Chris took some notes. He underwent a procedure to infuse his body with Adonis DNA and took daily doses of 5-Hour Tiger Blood so that he can handle these interviews like a pro. Watch our exclusive preview of Chris Brown’s second interview for Good Morning America.**


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**Not really. Our lawyers made us say this for folks who don’t get a joke.