Earlier this week, a presidential trip to a popular West Coast restaurant further proved why President and First Lady Obama are just like us. President Obama and his staff took an unplanned trip to the famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles while on their way to a fundraiser. Even though their status as the first family puts them in the global spotlight, President Obama and his family continually show just how normal they can be. Here are some more reasons why President and First Lady Obama are just like you!

They Shop at Target

Everyone knows somebody that frequents superstore, Target a.k.a “Tar-zhay”, or even you shop there yourself. Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted shopping at a Target in Virginia. The first lady of the free world was shopping where I registered for a house warming. See? They’re just like us.

They Value a Grandparent’s Presence

When the first family relocated to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they brought another person with them, Michelle Obama’s mother. Marian Robinson, grandmother to Malia and Sasha Obama, became the “The First Grandmother” when she moved her lifelong residency from Chicago to Washington D.C. She was heavily involved with raising the girls when President Obama began campaigning heavily in 2008 and Michelle would accompany him. With the rise in grandparents and grandchildren living in the same home, the Obamas have certainly adopted this practice as well.

They Love Beyoncé

During the first dance at the inauguration ball between the president and first lady, Beyoncé serenaded them with her popular rendition of Etta James’ “At Last”. Not only did Beyoncé sing for the first couple, she also worked with First Lady Michelle Obama with the Let’s Move campaign to widen healthy eating habits for children. During Bey’s “I Am” world tour, First Lady Obama, her daughters, and others went to the Washington D.C. concert.  Also, President Obama apparently admires the “Single Ladies” routine.

They Like To Dance

It’s no secret the first family likes to get down. Both President and First Lady Obama have proved they feel comfortable on the dance floor. This past summer, President Obama had a dance party bash at the white house for his 50th birthday. They have both visited popular talk show, Ellen, to show their moves separately with the first lady claiming to have the better dance moves. First Lady Michelle was all over the internet with her performance of well-known dance, “The Dougie”.

They’re Parents First

First Lady Michelle Obama recently commented on parenting her children and “hoping not to mess them up” as every parent hopes. Despite their crucial roles in society, the Obamas pride themselves in being parents. They continue to function as a regular family and make sure their daughters have a childhood.

Regardless of their famous home address and prominence around the world, President and First Lady Obama continue to show how they are indeed just like us.

words by: @valeryeg

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