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So it’s the END of summer and this maybe your last cookout for the season. If you like to entertain and cook for your friends here are a few of my suggestions to KEEP your friends…happy and wanting more of your “good” cooking.

5.) CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Appearance is EVERYTHING and anyone walking into a dirty home will think twice about eating the food that’s cooked there. If you have pest traps and poison on the counter, dirty sitting rooms, roach remains or mouse droppings near areas of food preparation or storage, expect lots of leftovers.

4.) WEAR A HAIR NET OR PULL HAIR OFF YOUR FACE…. No one wants to pull, pluck, pick or fish HAIR out of their meal, trust me. Someone might take a picture with their phone and post it on

3.) BAN PETS FROM THE KITCHEN. You, Spot and Fluffy are close and everyone knows it, well that’s great but allowing them to walk on tables and counters may scare some humans away from your kitchen and especially your food. Sauteed fur balls are a delicacy only you should enjoy.

2.) COVER THE FOOD. I think that speaks for itself.

1.) DON’T USE GUESTS AS GUINEA PIGS. If you never made the dish before, don’t try it out on your guests at the cookout. Chances are these folks are hungry and waiting to taste a delicious meal. Please don’t ruin their experience with your experiments.

-Tiffany Bacon, Cultural Ambassador for Radio One Philadelphia. For more articles visit

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