*It’s a wonder why R&B groups have failed to survive the new millennium.

Boyz II Men, is attempting to redefine modern tunes by bringing things back together. But the reality is groups are nearly obsolete.

Group member Shawn Stockman shared why they’ve survived the trends.

“We’re lucky enough to have incredible chemistry and we never lose sight of the fact that we’re a team,” Stockman told the Creative Loafing website. “It’s easy to let disputes and drama and egos come between you as a group, which is why a lot of people go solo. But we still know why we do it – and that’s because we truly love it. That is the key to being here 20 years. Things have not been 100-percent great for 20 years, but we know that is how life is. We were taught early to prepare for the down times because they always come, and because of that we’ve known what to expect.”

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The group is coming out with their album “Twenty” to commemorate the long years they’ve had together. It’s a collection of the oldies with an updated twist, along with 10 original new songs. They’re bringing back good music, which has long been missed by those with taste.

“The sad truth is that not many artists are creating great R&B records anymore, and if they are those are the songs that the labels are weeding out in the album finalization process in fear of the sound being dated,” says Stockman. “While many artists have their fans grow old with them, our fans grow old but they also pass our music down to their children, which allows our fan base to skew much younger than one would think. Given the fact that the sound of music has changed so much over the past 20 years, introducing our music to younger fans is almost like introducing a brand-new style of music.”

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