A photo spread in French Vogue of a 10-year-old model in stilettos, makeup, and a sultry pout has unleashed a furious storm of controversy over the sexualization of little girls. Thylane Loubry Blondeau, daughter of French soccer star Patrick Blondeau and designer Veronika Loubry, lounges in a red dress on a leopard-print rug and applies lipstick in a series of shots that make it appear as if she could be joined by an off-scene lover at any moment. “This isn’t edgy. It’s inappropriate, and creepy,” writes one blogger.

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A psychology professor raised concerns about the impact of such images on young girls, pedophiles and society. “Any creepy child pornographer could plead ‘artistic license,'” Paul Miller of Arizona State University tells ABC News. Neither French Vogue nor Thylane’s parents have responded to the criticism, but one blogger blasted the complaints as the product of an “uptight American culture.” Click to see more photos of Thylane.

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