“The Holiday Weekend Relationship Test” is about the common mistakes that women make when they go home with the boyfriend to meet the family. Men don’t usually introduce any old gal to his family. If you meet a man’s mother and father he has brought you along far enough for you to close the deal! If you meet mom and dad that means that you have almost passed all of his tests, so now you just have to pass the family test.

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Scenario #1: Weekend With Your Boyfriend’s Family.

You are going home with your boyfriend for the weekend to meet his family. All weekend long you are nuzzled up under your boyfriend doing whatever he does and watching whatever he watches on TV. He watches football all day long on Saturday. You don’t even like football but you stay right in the family room with your Boo. Meanwhile, his Mom, granny, his sister, his aunt and his niece are preparing the big holiday dinner in kitchen. You don’t go in the kitchen. You are too busy loving on your man. You feel that you have to show his family how much you love him so you continue hanging out with him, his brother, his dad, his uncle, his best friend, his frat brother and his cousin. 

The holiday weekend is not a time to try and show how good a girlfriend you are to him. It’s a time to show how good a woman you are to them. This is your tryout. It is time to work. Get focused! What would your mother do!?! Better yet, what would your grandmother do!?! Time to close the deal. Time to impress. Put your best foot forward. They are not trying to get to know you, you are supposed to be getting to know them! You want to be a part of their world, so you have to get in where you fit in. The first route to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The second route is through his family. If you fail this test, your weekend could end like this:

As you are driving home Monday morning, you are telling your boyfriend how great his family is and you ask him if they said anything about you. He says, “My Dad thinks you are lazy. He said that I need to find someone more like my mother. My mother said that you don’t add any value to my life. My granny asked me if you could cook. My sister, aunt and niece asked if you had arthritis or something because you never helped in the kitchen. Say, do you think you can walk from here?”

WARNING: This section of the article is for Official Facebook declared girlfriends ONLY!


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