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Trust me this really happened….

A Pennsylvania man’s bail is being held at $10,000 and what’s his crime?

This guy faces robbery and assault charges after stuffing a bag of frozen shrimp down his pants and attacking a grocery store security guard. nice.

not the real bag involved, real bag was too traumatized to be photographed

I’m trying to understand this guy’s mindset before deciding to shove a bag of shrimp, frozen shrimp, down his pants, but I’m really drawing a blank. One, there are a hundred and one better things to steal from a grocery store besides frozen shrimp- off the top of my head, cooked shrimp- but maybe he really needed it for a stir-fry or something (or he just liked how it felt in his pants). Two, when the man was caught he had the balls (the slightly chilled balls) to assault a security guard over it. Bold sir, very bold.

BUT, I think the real ‘sit down boy’ goes to the security guard. Its a bag of frozen shrimp dude, and its been shoved down someone’s pants. Even if you recover the ‘goods’ you’re not going to put them back on the shelf. Cut your losses and let the man desperate enough to shove frozen shrimp down his pants go, hes earned it. A guy unhinged enough to shove frozen shellfish in his trousers is capable of anything, so you got to be prepared for when he attacks you.

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