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NEW YORK- One month after releasing the first trailer for their movie “Monkey Gang” the fictitious Hip-Hop parody group is releasing a new trailer for their movie, “Monkey Gang: The Mockumentary.” The first trailer was featured on the number one Hip-Hop website in the world, WorldStarHipHop.com and quickly spread all over the internet.

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The movie is already being compared to hip-hop mockumentaries such as “CB4” and “Fear Of A Black Hat” and “Hollywood Shuffle.” Several people have praised the “Monkey Gang” online. Such as IceDotCom who wrote:

Even though this is pretty funny, the sad thing is…it’s pretty damn accurate to today’s current state of rap music. So while you’re watching you gotta ask yourself: how bad has rap music become for it to be this much of a parody of itself?

Top selling British hip-hop artist, Tinie Tempah said this about the Monkey Gang

This looks incredible, I think this clearly goes to show that rap & hip hop is going through a transitional period where, DVD’s and crews like this are slowing becoming a thing of the past and subject maters within the genre are being a lot more varied and vast!

Its a new day people!

The site iHipHop.com wrote

This mockumentary trailer is ridiculous, but not exactly too farfetched in comparison to what material makes its rounds on certain gangsta websites.  In fact the fake song “I Sell More Crack Than You” sounds a lot like THIS REAL ONE.   Notice the not too subtle shots at Baby and Lil Wayne in the middle of this video.  I can’t believe this is only a trailer…they really plan on making a full-length film out of this?

Krackblog has called them the Most Important Group In Hip-Hop and online comedian, Eben Gregory said:

First…know that it’s amazing how painfully accurate this is. And then…EbenGregory was like…this has to be a mockumentary.

This is EbenGregory.com…telling you it is also real.


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