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The Friday before Valentine’s Day is deemed national “Side-Chick” day. It’s the day when couples are most likely not going to be around one another, leaving room for side-pieces to get love. There is at least one song on this list that you can catch every side-chick playing…ok maybe not every side-chick, but definitely some!

Hey…Side-chicks need love to!

5 Quick Ways To Tell If You Are A Side-Chick

1. You can’t mention your lovers actual name on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Your boo keeps telling you they will leave their boyfriend/girlfriend but hasn’t done it yet.

3. You only see your boo at night time.

4. You celebrate holidays before the actual holiday date.

5. You boo refers to you as his “shorty.”

Plies- Shawty

Changing Faces- That Other Woman

Trey Songz- Last Time

Down Low- R.Kelly

Xscape- My Little Secret

We’ve all been a side- piece at least once(I know I have)…

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