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Katherine Jackson traveled to Gary, Indiana to unveil a statue of her late son as she and Joe turn their old home into a museum. She also opened up about Michael’s three kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket on Dateline NBC. It was her first on camera interview of this nature since her son’s death.

Here’s some highlights from Mrs. Jackson’s interview:

“Prince loves the camera, and they were doing this with Michael before Michael passed because he wanted to be behind scenes and doing movies and things like that, so Prince was working with him. [Paris] loves the piano and she also… I’m thinking about, well, have been looking for a piano teacher for him, her. And she can pick out any song that she wants to, especially her daddy’s songs. [Blanket], he loves to sing and he plays with his toys most of the time. He’s very young yet.”

She added, “Paris wants to be an actress and she is already [laughs], but she wants to play the piano and she still plays it but um she plays by ear. And Blanket, he can carry a tune very well and he has rhythm. And he can dance.”

Katherine also says she didn’t like the fact that Michael put scarves and veils over the kids’ faces.

“I didn’t, so that’s why I didn’t do it. Because as long as we have them protected with security guards, I think that’ll—that’s fine. And I know sooner or later the children, after they got older, which they are now, they wouldn’t want that, so I stopped it. I didn’t do it.”