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Anybody who has a cell, wants a cell, or is replacing an old cell has been scoping these two super phones for weeks. One of them is the iPhone 4. For the iLover the iPhone 4 loves you back with new features like front and rear facing cameras with LED flash, a second mic and separate volume buttons. To top it off, Apple has upped the resolution with a slightly smaller screen, squared body and added an aluminum finish to the edges. The headphones included with the 4G include a microphone and remote capabilities.


The second phone is nothing to sneeze at either. The Droid X offers many of the same features that the iPhone does but upped the game by offering a multi-browser so that up to 8 windows can be opened. Its HDMI docking system allows you connect to a multitude of other devices and the cherry on top is that this phone hosts up to 5 Wi-Fi devices and will include Flash 10.1 before Fall 2010.


The iPhone 4 is smaller and lighter than the Droid X and has better screen resolution. You might pick the iPhone if you like more available apps and the rear & front facing cameras. You will also love the remote and mic functions on the headphones that come included. The Droid X might be your pick if you like sharing your Wi-Fi with friends. Apple doesn’t share this ability and is outclassed by an 8 megapixel camera versus 5 megapixels. The Droid X features streamable widget apps, Flash capability and a multi window browser that makes it very attractive too!


The most outstanding feature between the super phones is the Wi-Fi sharing feature. Motorola with the Droid X is armed for battle against the iphone. What’s your pick?