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Gabrielle Union is refuting rumors that she is pregnant. The rumors started swirling after a video surfaced of her giving boyfriend Dwyane Wade a toast at his birthday party.

Gabrielle Union Makes (Hilarious) Toast To Dwyane Wade On His B-Day [VIDEO]

We didn’t notice her belly seeming any more round than usual, but it seems other people thought so, prompting Gabby to tell Global Grind:

“No, I am not pregnant and please let the world know I will only be pregnant after I am married, and that will be years from now. I want to play roles that let me wear a bikini and run around like a badass! It’s kinda hard to do all that with a baby bump!”

“When erroneous reports of pregnancy pop up for different actors or artists, that can stop us from getting work…it’s hard enough in this recession trying to find a job without our own people putting up unnecessary roadbloacks for us to feed our families.”

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