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After last weeks assignment, Jeffrey Osborne and L.T.D., I’m kind of feeling the Old Skoole acronyms but apparently K.A.N.E. as in BIG DADDY KANE, isn’t technically an acronym it’s a bacronym, and no that’s not a bad black joke, if that’s what I was going for I would have said blacronym, which is much funnier. Anyways, a bacronym is basically a backwards acronym in that the acronym part is applied to an already existing word. In the 80’s Big Daddy Kane’s K.A.N.E. stood for King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal, 75% of this title makes sense to me but could someone please explain the Asiatic part?

Asiatic, as in having to do with Asia right?

Lets think about this…

According to his song “I Get the Job Done” Big Daddy Kane is 6’1″ so he actually is “big”. Now imagine Big Daddy Kane in any Asiatic country…he gets ‘bigger’ so of course in this instance he’s a “king” and “nobody’s equal”…height-wise. Mystery Solved.

Besides King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal, Big Daddy Kane’s other aliases include:

B.D.K., Dark Gable, Black Ceasar, Blackanova (seriously), and Count Macula.

When asked about how he had gotten the name Big Daddy Kane, Kane says…

“The Big Daddy part and the Kane part came from two different things. The Kane part came from my fascination with the Martial Arts flicks when I was young. The Big Daddy came from something that happened on a ski trip one time involving a young lady.”


But that makes me wonder…

What happened to the creativity in rap artists’ names? Today, all you have to do is add a size or an imaginary professional title and your set: Lil’, Big, Dr. and your done.

Post an idea for your own original old skoole rapper name in the comments box below

-Johnny Intern

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