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For the first time ever, Diddy has gotten on the cover of XXL Magazine. As much as he’s accomplished, it’s surprising that he hasn’t been featured on the cover of the publication before. XXL has put part of his feature story online, check out an excerpt of Puff’s feature with XXL below:

Drama students are such precious little creatures. Grown-up problems like mortgage payments and job security are not yet a concern. Aspiring actors care deeply about their craft. And they are eager to learn. That’s why they have lined up outside of Pace University’s Michael Schimmel Center, in Lower Manhattan, for a taping of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio. Tonight they will hear from a real pro.

Backstage, the program’s thespian star of the night skips up a side staircase, turns the corner and strides down the corridor toward his dressing room. He’s wearing a tailored navy-blue suit, a black T-shirt, black Nike sneakers and a pinky ring that’s visible from down the hall. The greenroom, filled with a congregation of lawyers, managers, record executives, A&Rs, publicists, assistants and production assistants, empties. Some folks just loiter in the hallway. Most make their way into the dressing room to get closer to the night’s guest.


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