Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can’t catch a break. Currently serving at least 14 months in prison for parole violations stemming from a 2008 conviction of perjury, misconduct in office and obstruction of justice from the so-called Text Messaging Scandal, he’s now been indicted by a grand jury on 19 counts of fraud and tax evasion. According to prosecutors, Kilpatrick failed to report over $640,000 of taxable income that he received while mayor of Detroit, and spent on things like golf lessons, a Cadillac, and summer camp for his kids.

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“This indictment sends a clear message that those who make up their own rules based on fraud and deceit will be prosecuted,” said a federal prosecutor in announcing the indictment. Prosecutors are still trying to pin bribery charges on Kilpatrick. His spokesman Mike Paul calls speculation that the former mayor was involved in bribery schemes “lies from the pit of hell!” Read the full article in the Detroit Free Press.

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